Photographs and texts for or from

the Palmer Theological Seminary Archives *

Green Hill Farms Hotel which became the EBTS campus

Rittenhouse Square seminary campus before the move to the Green Hill Farms Hotel

Historic documents of the seminary, plus two letters of Adonairam Judson

Discovery and exhibit of the Mozart manuscript prior to its sale

Portraits of the seminary Presidents and informal photographs

Photographs of members of the Board of Trustees / Directors and their guests

Faculty from 1925-1950

Faculty from 1950-1975

Faculty from 1975-2000

Adjunct Faculty over the years

Photographs of Administration and Staff

Students over the years

Campus Scenes: Rittenhouse Square and City Line & Lancaster

Construction of the Curtiss Lee Laws Chapel and Doane Theater

Graduating Class Photographs from 1927-1997

Alumni and Alumnae

International Missionaries 1990s

Military Chaplains

Russell's photographs of faculty, staff, and administrators

Russell's photographs of students in the 1990s

Russell's photographs of student tours to the Caribbean

Russell's photographs of the faculty tour to Peru

50th Anniversary Audio Tape

* Prepared by Professor Tom McDaniel in January, 2000, for the Seminary's 75th Anniversary Celebration.

On July 1, 2005, the name of the seminary was changed

from The Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary to

Palmer Theological Seminary,
The Seminary of Eastern University,
Saint Davids, Pennsylvania.

UPDATE of February 10, 2011: The Mainline Times article on
the Seminary's plan to move to the Eastern University campus.

(Click HERE to compare the articles in the Ardmore Chronicle from July,
1939, about the Seminary's moving from Rittenhouse Square to Overbrook.)