Faculty Study Tour to Peru in 1999

  Peru: Scott Rodin, Will Barnes   Peru: Scott Rodin, Andrew Walls   Peru: Elouise Renich Fraser with professor of theology from Seventh Day Adventist Unoversity   Peru: Beryl Russell at Machu Picchu waiting for the group who were climbing   Peru: Samuel Escobar with dean of Seventh Day Adventist University   Peru: Samuel Escobar translating for vice president of Seventh Day Adventist Unoversity   Peru: Peter Parades with Samuel Escobar; Scott Rodin & Eric Ohlmann presenting books   Peru: Horace Russell in bus weaving plastic cape   Peru: Elouise Renich Fraser, Samuel Escobar, dean at Seventh Day Adventist University   Peru: Will & Sue Barnes in plastic capes   Peru: group in hotel lobby at Cuzco   Peru: group at airport in Miami   Peru: faculty and spouses at Seventh Day Adventist University   Peru: faculty and spouses at Inca ruins   Peru: group visiting Church of God's children's center on outskirts of Lima   Peru: sight seeing in Lima (L-R) Stan Slade, Will & Sue Barnes, Beryl Russell, Leah Gaskin Fitchue, Carol Schreck, Josť Norat, Elouise Renich Fraser, Eunice Ohlmann, Ron& Arbutus Sider, Steve Hutchison, Melody Mazuk, Scott Rodin, Samuel Escobar, Glenn & Peggy Koch, Peter Schreck, Manfred & Marjean Brauch, Ruth McFarland, Eric Ohlmann, Linda Rodin   Peru: group outside Franciscan monastery in Lima   Peru: Scott Rodin at Machu Picchu   Peru: group at Lima airport on return trip   Peru: group sightseeing in Lima   Peru: sight seeing in Lima, Eric Ohlmann, Beryl Russell, Leah Gaskin Fitchue, et al.   Peru: in hotel lobby in Cuzco   Peru: at Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas   Peru: at restaurant in Lima, Manfred Brauch, Beryl Russell, Linda Rodin, et al   Peru: at the Escobar's home with Fr. Klaiber (seated), Ruth McFarland making presentation to Lilly Escobar