EBTS Faculty

  Baker, Nelson   Bender, Thorwald   Dalglish, Edward   Davis, Walter Bruce   Englerth, Gilbert   Gableman, Gustav   Griffiths, Everett   Hand, William   Leypoldt,Martha   Maring, Norman   Morgan, Carl   Paullin, Norman   Powers, Willaim   Rutenber, Culbert   1948 Faculty -   1950 Faculty   1951Faculty   1964 Faculty   1964 Faculty Names   1967 Faculty   1967 Faculty ID   1968 Faculty   Faculty in the early1960s   Baker, Nelson   Baker, Nelson - Book signing with Gil Englerth      Bender, Thorwald   Bill Hand, Bob White, Maynard Hatch   Crabtree, Arthur (facing out on Left)   Crabtree, Arthur   Dalglish, Edward R and Carl Morgan   Dalglish, Edward R   Davis, W. B in 1974   Davis, W. B. 1972   Davis, Walter in the center (McDormand and Morgan at ends)   Gableman (seat 3rd from left) at Field-Education Training   Gableman, Gustave   Gablemen, Gustave and Emma   Gablemn, Gustave   Glenn Koch, Tom McDaniel, George Vanderlip   Griffiths in the classroom   Griffiths in the classroom   Griffiths, Everett and S A Fontec   Griffiths, Everett at the dedication of portrait   Griffiths, Everett   Hand, Bill and Ken Gelzhiser   Bill Hands Obituary, November, 2004   Hand, Bill with Martha Leypold and Bill Thompson   Heaton, Ada Beth   Heaton, Adrain and Ada Beth with students   Henry, Carl and Lester Harnish on the right   Henry, Carl followed by Lindsell   Henry, Carl with Doward McBain    Henry, Carl   Jackson, Herbert and Francis W Thompson 1952   Jackson, Herbert   Koch, Glenn with students   Leypold, Martha    Leypoldt, Martha with Bill Thompson    Maring, Norman   McDaniel with Registrant for Lay Program   McDaniel, Tom 1970   Miller, Douglas   Morgan, Carl and Albert Williams   Morgan, Carl and Thorwald Bender   Morgan, Carl with Lloyd Fredericks and Bill Kutcher   Morgan, Dr and Mrs Carl (Book of Appreciation)   Paullin, Norman W   Paullin, Mrs Norman   Paullin, Norman (at the right rear) with Dr Guffin   Rutheber, Culbert with Boelke and Degregoris   William, Albert G   Williams, Albert G.   Williams, Albert being helped by Mrs Harnish   Williams, Albert