Students in the 1990s
Photographs bt Dr. Hoarce Russell

  International group of graduates with Manfred Brauch & Ruth McFarland, 1996: Ruth, Manfred, Heidi Rolland, Israel Lee, Randolph Walters, Pieter ?, Roberto Luis Lugo, Sam Obeng Appau, Ya Ha Lay Lay La, ?, Banu Moore, Denise Krum, Mayra Bonilla, Beryl Russell   Douglas Awusi (Ghana), D.Min. Marriage & Family graduation   Thami Mogasi with his parents from South Africa   Ron Williams & Scott Smith (graduates)   Scott Bohr & Jill Witmer   Kathie Busch   Theresa Oyler-Sayles, Thami Mogase   Julia & Joe Pizzuto-Pomaco   Angie Bramley   Rothangliani Chhangte   Aidsand & Betty Wright-Riggins, Sharon Buttry, et al   Mayra Picos Lee & ?   Paul & Anju Prozchazka at Paul's graduation   Anju Prozchazka (bride), Anju's aunt, Angie Bramley   Paul & Anju Prozchazka   James & Banu Moore   Omad & Mary Zambrano's wedding   Horace Russell & Robert Parkinson   Horace Russell with Kathy Kautz at her graduation   Delores McCabe & Mary Lovett   Kent Mitchell & Pete Berol   Ila & Scott Smith's wedding reception   Scott & Ila Smith's wedding   Scott & Ila Smith's wedding with Robert Wecht, Brian & Denise Krum