Seminary Portraits of the Seminary Presidents 1925-2004

  Charles Ball   Austin K. DeBlois   Gordon Palmer   Gilbert Guffin   Thomas McDormand   Lester Harnish   Daniel Weiss   Henry Osgood   Robert Seiple   Robert Campbell   Manfred Brauch   Scott Rodin   Wallace Smith

Photographs of the Seminary Presidents 1925-2004

  Ball's family members   President Ball   Brauch and Hestesness   Brauch-1   Brauch-2   Brauch Family   Brauch: Manfred and Marjean   Brauch and Rodin   Brauch: Manfred and Marjean   Brauch in his office   Brauch with Portrait   Brauch with Samuel Obeng   Brauch, Marjean   Brauch: Manfred and Marjean   Campbell, Nodder, and Brauch   Campbell: Bob and Lotus   Campbell: Bob and Lotus   Campbell, Brauch, and Weiss   Campbell -Honorary Degree   Campbell Installation Recessional   Campbell Installation   Campbell and David Russell   DeBlois, Austin -1   DeBlois, Austin -2   Esther George and Presidents      Guffin and Palmer   Guffin, Harnish, McDormand   Guffin in 1955 with Foster and DeHass   Harnish and family   Harnish and Westrate   Harnish and Evans   McDormand-1   McDormand-2   McDormand and Almquist   Osgood, Maring, Hadley, Veniga, Miller   Palmer Portrait   Palmer-1   Palmer and Bishop Bonnell   Palmer Portrait and Family   Rodin: Scott and Linda   Rodin-1   Rodin-2   Rodin - Inauguration   Rodin - Installation   Rodin and Moses Kumar   Rodin and Young 1998   Roding and Osolina Cappuzzi   Rodin at his desk   Rodin, Harvey and Mapson   Seiple at Portrait dedication   Seiple and family   Seiple and Koch   Seiple, Koch, Workman   Seiple and Middleswart   Wallace Smith   Weiss   Weiss and family   Weiss, Avila, Middleswart   Weiss and Koch   Weiss-1