Seminary Alumnae
and Alumni

  1935 Glenn Asquith   1961 Palms, Roger   1961 Roger Palms   1966 David Kidd   1966 Kai Kipgen   1967 Garrett Albertson   1967 George Habel   1967 John Binkiwitz   1967 William Snider   1971 John Harlan (1988)   1972 John Murrow   1973 Harry Fink   1975 Bob Davidson   1975 Losh, Jerry   1976 Bud Masters (1983)   1976 Joseph Yundt and Calvin Griffith   1978 John Holz   1978 Lynn Roberson   1978 Robert Taylor   1979 David Wood   1979 Jerry Dailey and Mike Harris   1981 George Hawthorne (1991)   1982 Betty Conde Frazier   1982 Sandra Beacham   1984 Sundar Samuel   1985 Dixon, Phil and Becky   alums 39 44 69   alums 39 49 54 69   alums 44 49 54 59 64   Alums Meeting in the Chapel (Solarium)   Alums of the 1944 class   Alums of the 1955 class name list   Alums of the 1955 class   Andrews, Wesly with Van Weigle and Dan Weis   Alums of the 1931 class   Avila, Manny with Dan Weis and Frank Middleswart   Avila, Manny   Bala, George   Ballard, Emile   Ballard, Emille and Scott Rodin   Bartle, O N   Ben Wright   Bernard Taylor - 1978   Berthold   Bey, Ezekiel   Bills, Jeffery   Blanchard, Maurice   Blunt, Bruce K   Boltniew, George with Ed Dalglish TomMcDaniel NormanMaring   Bonilla, Carlos and Myra with TomMcDaniel   Brenton, Fran and Sharlyne - 82   Burnett   Burns, Randy and Melanie   Buttry   Byitte, John with Dr Mary Kirby Berry   Byitte, John   Campbell, Guy   Carlson, Laura   Carvin, Walter H 1927   Chaplain Parker Thompson   Chartier, Myron with Ruth Gilson   Chatman   Chuck and Ruth Fox   Claghorn, George and Harold Blatt   Cottom, Anna   D Min in Renewal Graduates sing at commencement   Davies, Hilda - 28   Degree in hand   DeHaas, Gordon and Frank Foster   DeHaas, Gordon   Dries, James   Duncan, Dewey   Dunn, Bill   Dunn, William   EBTS grads at the SBC meeting in 1960   Engel, Perry   Evans, Robert P - 43   Fetterman, Karl and Alfred Bloom   Forney, Melvin   Gaines   Gaspar Charlene   Gilchrist, Newt and Larry Brand   Gillespie, Elmer H   Gilson, Ruth at Graduation   Gonzales, Arlene   Grant, Carole, Beth,and Adele Ward 1980   Griffith., Richard - 57   Haah, Benjamin Byung 1971, 73, and 77   Hadley, Wayne   Hancock, W., K. Quick, A. Waller and G. Metzler   Harader, David and Prof William Thompson   Harkness, George   Himes, John W   Holmes, Jerry and Frank Veniga, 1978   Holmes, Jerry   Hunter, Earl (Assam 1946)   Hutchison, Scott   Hutchison, Steve   Ignatius, Keith   Jackson, Dwight   Jensen, Lois   Johnson-Smith   Jones, Randolph   Jones, Tara   Joyce Hedricks and family   Karen Hadley   Karen Hadley   Keucher, Bill with Lloyd Fredericks and Morgan   Koopman, John   Krum, Brian and Denise   LaGuena, Jesus   Larimore, Fred and Vicky   Larman, Wanda   Larry Custer and friends   Lay Lay La   LeBlanc, Frantz with L Fitschue and S Rodin   Lee, Alvin   Leech   Ling, Mary with Randolph Palada and Tom McD   Lovett, Mary   Mabuduga, Nzunga 1978   Manghams   Mary Ling   Mary Lovett, and Gloria Gay with Bob Davis   Massaglia, Martin - 80 and Norma Pogue   Mathis   McDowell, Daniel   McDowell, Jamie   Melanson, Ann   Melson, Paul   Meneely, Christie Faith and Mary Ann Kennedy   Meneely, Christine   Meneely, David and Christine with Mr and Mrs Joe Faith   Meririll, Ivy   Metry, Amir   Millard, Joseph - 67   Miller, Dale   Miller-Manarin   Moore, Charles W   Moore, Harry C   Mosley, John with Dave Harader and Larry Brand   Mr Kim and Guru with Tom and Doris McDaniel   Mundays, Jack and wife   Murray, Stanley - 79   Myers, David   Namendorf, Arthur   Nate Coleman, Tom McD and Linda Day   Nodder, Stanley, Sr from the class of 1930   Odura, John   Oldham, James   Olmstead, Richard with Bill Thompson and Lois Jensen   Oyler-Sayles   Ozard, Dwight   Paul and Nora Lozano   Paul, Charles on Left and Bernie Ram on Right   Pizzuto-Pomaco   Price, Beatrice   Proctor, Robert A Jr   Rambos   Razumov, Victor and   Reinsmith   Remick, Oscar and classmates   Remick, Oscar at the organ   Remick, Oscar   Reunion   Ridington   Rine, Helen   Rivera, Lydia   Ruth Gilson with Bob Seiple   Sasha - First student from the Soviet Union   Scott, William   Shield-Ayres   Smith, Don   Sparkman   Stokey, Dick and Jennie   Stone, Chuck   Stone, Chuck   Stout   Taylor, Lawrence - Special Graduation   Thomas, Bill   Thompson, Mary Anne   Tucker, Esther (Pullis)   Unrah, Heidi and Jackie Franklyn   Vaflor, Hazel (Oldham) Bill Thomas-George Harkness   Vaflor, Hazel -75 and Jesse -68 and Jim Oldham   Vazquez, Lizy   Walk, Robert   Waller, Alyn   Ward, Grant 1972   Webb, David   Weigle, Van   Willey, Douglas with Manfred Brauch   Willis, Greg   Woodley, Randy   Wright-Riggins   Wyckoff, Elizabeth Roberts (1999), class 1938   Young, Fred and Mary Ann Kenedy   Yutchkovski, Alexander (Sasha)

1999 Alumni/ae Responses for the 75th Anniversary as suggested in the 1999 InMinistry Magazine

  1999 Gabelman letter   Blansfield, Earl - on left - Rittenhouse Dorm Room   Blansfield, Earl -1   Brodhead, B Burns - Adjunct UMC 1   Brodhead, B Burns - Adjunct UMC 2   Brodhead, B Burns   McTaggart, John and Berhta ,1952   McTaggart, John F -1952   Thomas, William C - 1978 Special Edition 1   Thomas, William C - 1978 Special Edition 2   Thomas, William C - G Palmer at Ordination   Thomas, William C - G Palmer letter about ordination   Thomas, William C - letter   Thomas, William C - Note about newspaper clipping   Wyckoff Letter -1   Wyckoff Letter -2   Wyckoff, Elizabeth Roberts (1999), class 1938