Campus Scenes Over the Years

  _Aerial color   _Aerial view   1950 Aerial-Green Hill Apartments-Pool   Aerial view   Baker Hall across from Overbrook Station   Baptism-1-Larry Brant and Frank Veniga   Baptism-2-Larry Brant and Frank Veniga   Blatt Harold unveiling the Heritage Tree   Book Store (old solarium)   Bookstore 1999   Bookstore in 1999   Bookstore   Campus Photo by Doug Whittle   Campus View   Chapel in the solarium   Club House (Drs Heaton and Guffin discuss its future)   Dining Room after remodeling   Dining Room and Kitchen Staff from the 1950s   Doane Theater   Doane Lecture Hall   Doane Recital Hall   Doane theater becoming Woodruff Learning Center   Doane Theater-Gus Gableman and colleagues   Doane theater piano - final performance   EBTS Sunken Gardens   EBTS sign   Faculty Office in the chapel   Internet Heading   FIF Banner   FIF Display   FIF kickoff Dinner   Golf Course 1920-60   Graduation on the EBTS campus   Graduation at Grace Baptist Temple   Graduation Ceremony in 1964   Honor Students Recognition 1998   Ivy covered Palmer Hall side entrance   Juniper Tree Snack Bar   Palmer Hall Kitchen as it was 1970-1998   Koinonia Kafe   Koinonia Kafe Dedication   Koinonia Kafe Dedication   Koinonia Kafe in the making   Koinoria Kafe in the making 2   Koinonia Kafe lounge area   Koinonia windows fom the old lower chapel   Koinonia Kafe completed   Library in the Basement   Library - Old Card Area   Library - Old Journal area   Library and Classroom and Faculty Offices   Library in Basement - Main Checkout Desk   Library in Basement-Front entrance to Classrooms   Library main entrance and back entrance to classes   Library Reference Reading Room   Library new carpet 1998   Library Window   McBride Room with Bill Hand and Ed Dalglish   Mirrored Board Room   Student room (JohnMurrow)   Music - L Sarle Brown at window   New Bookstore in the Making   New Bookstore 1999   New Bookstore   New Jersey Methodists   Old Bookstore in the veranda   Organ and Seminary Singers   Palmer Hall(going to chapel)   Palmer Hall 1   Palmer Hall 2   Palmer Hall Parlor   Plaque in Chapel Foyer   Swimming Pool   Swimming Pool-1   Swimming Pool-2   Swimming Pool-3   PR Table outside the Board Room   Seminary Singers in 1943   Seminary Singers in 1947   Snack Bar in the Basement of Palmer Hall (Gordon DeHaas)   Student Room - Mr and Mrs Losie   Student Room - Mr and Mrs McKinney   Students receiving scholarship awards   Wesley Room Portrait   Women's room with Green Hill Farms furniture   Woodruff Learning Center-1   Woodruff Learning Center-2   Woodruff Family   D. A.Woodruff Plaque   Woodruff, Daniel A, for whom the WLC was dedicated