Seminary Boaed of Directors / Trustees

  35000 Dollar Pledge (Fontec Baird Almquist Harnish)   Adams, Ron   Almquist - Mr and Mrs Paul   Almquist Family   Almquist, Paul   Almquist Paul (1982) amd wife and Chuck Soltis   Almquist, Brauch, Rodin, Whittle, George   Baker, Gordon's sons and Portrait 1   Baker, Gordon H (Charter Board Member)   Bartle, Dr Harvey (Sr)   Bartle, Harvey (Treasurer) on the right   Bennett   Board Group Photo (Harnish rear center)   Board Group Photo (Westrate and Meeden on Right)      Board Meeting (Harnish Middleswart Westrate at table)   Board Meeting (Middleswart and Weiss by the lamp)   Board Meeting 2   Board Meeting in Mirrored President's Room   Board Meeting with Mrs Swartley   Boyd   Brisbon, Delores   Browne, Benjamin 1957 Groundbreaking   Castelo   E Pious Barbour   Chase, T H   Crowe, Eugene (on the left)   Crowe, R Eugene   Davis   Dunn, Jim   Dunn, Jim with Mrs E Gallup   Evans, Wesley   Fickett, Harold   Fisher, Violet   Frederick, Lloyd   Frey, H O and Citation Committee   Hainer, Bertha wife of charter board member   Harvey, William J III 1999 and Stan Nodder   Johnson, Emmett - 1999 and Stan Nodder   Jordan   Koop, C Everett   Laws, Curtiss Lee   Laws, Mrs Curtiss Lee   Matherly, Robert   Mayberry, Ralph   Mayberry, Ralph (Portrait)   Meeden, C. C. 1975   Meeden, Cliff - Trustee   Meeden, Cliff with Tom and Doris McDaniel   Meeden, Cliff, Baltimore Temple Baptist   Meeden, Clifford C - Recognition 12-9-75   Meeden's Five Seminarians   Middleswart with Bob Seiple and guests   Mitchell, Frank   Middleswart with Weiss, Avilla, and guest   Middleswart, Frank and Dan Weiss   Middleswart, Frank   Nodder, Stanley   Nodder, Stan   Nodder, Stan at FIF Kickoff   Powers, Helen   Powers, Helen   Ritter, Tom   Roman, Gus (rear on right) with colleagues   Rusbuldt, Richard   Smith and Nodder   Smith, Wallace   Smith, Wallace 70's   Smith, Wallace and Bill Hand   Sparkman   Sparrok, Cora in 1976   Sparrok, Cora   Swartley, Mrs Laura   Swartley, Mrs with Roberton Middleton and Thomas McDormand   Swayne, Calvin   Walton, Charles (at chapel groundbreaking)   Walton, Charles Sr   Walton, Charles Sr   Walton, Charles   Webb, Ercel and Maring and Ramm   Westrate, Lee (2nd from right)   Westrate, Lee with Bill Thompson and Frank Veniga   Westrate, Lee   Wolfe, Ralph   Wolfe, Ralph   Workman, Maurice with David Willey behind him   Workman, Maurie and Cora Sparrok   Workman, Maurie welcomes Bob Campbell as President   Wright, J. Eugene