Photographs of Administration, Faculty, and Staff
by Dr. Hoarce Russell

  Faculty retreat in West Virginia   William Shaw & Tom McDaniel   Kathy Whittle   Will Barnes, Eric Ohlmann   Ardell & Peggy Thomas, Ruth McFarland, James Dunn   Gerald Thomas, Ruth McFarland, Scott Rodin   Horace & Beryl Russell   Gisele Churn   Rothangliani Chhangte   Aidsand & Betty Wright-Riggins, Sharon Buttry, et al   Mayra Picos Lee & ?   Dan Weiss & company at Baptist consultation on relations between Baptist groups   Leah Gaskin Fitchue   Horace Russell with Beverly Gaventa (professor from Princeton)   Nancy Brown & Barbara Beaudry   Steve Hutchison   Lester Harnish & Ardell Thomas (board members)   Gayle Lovett & Walter Thompson   Joan Wooters   Dr. William Hand & T. K. Peterson   Horace Russell & Gerald Thomas   Horace & Beryl Russell   David Koch, Melody Mazuk, Beryl Russell, Mary Evans (library)   Horace Russell with Kathy Kautz at her graduation   Rosali Cipriano, Elisabetta Ciao, Lina Capuzzi (housekeeping)   Dan Roth (alum) with Randy Frame   Lonnie Lane, Randy Frame, Eric Ohlmann, Ruth Hennessey   Cubby Rutenber & wife with some alums at the Biennial in Des Moines 1999   Wallace & Elaine Smith, Scott Rodin, Phil Ellmore at Biennial 1999 (Des Moines)   Manfred Brauch, Eric Ohlmann, Ray Van Leeuwen (installation)   Horace Russell & Robert Parkinson   Peter Wool   Ruthann Hibbs, Patricia Bryant-Harris, Lonnie Lane   Beryl Russell, David Koch, Mary Evans (library)   Scott Rodin, Wally Smith   Horace & Beryl Russell   Leah Gaskin Fitchue (addressing the Society of Black Religion in Kingston, Jamaica)   Howard Woodruff, unknown, Beryl Russell, Sandy Myers, et al (opening of Koinonia Kafe)   Opening of Koinonia Kafe   Bob Ruggiero, Brian Henderson, et al (honoring Bob in Laws Chapel)   Scott & Linda Rodin   Installation of Dr. Will Barnes   Opening of Koinonia Kafe: Barbara Beaudry, Melody Mazuk, Janice Marsango   Scott Rodin & Debbie Watson   Caribbean Study Seminar 1997 group: Brian Henderson, Candy Miles, Vicky Ziutz(E.C.), Dr. Russell, Michael Black, Guy Williams, Al Baker   Caribbean Study Seminar 1997: in the home of Rev. & Mrs. Sam Reid (Montego Bay)   Caribbean Study Seminar 1997 in Montego Bay: Brian Henderson, Al Baxter, Vicky Ziutz, Candy Miles