Seminary Administration
and Staff

  Adams, Nancy   Alden, Delores (Dolly)   Anderson, Phylis with Maring   Anderson, Phylis   Baird, Jack (on Right)   Beaudry, Barbara   Beaudry, Barbara   Beaudry, Barbara and ladies of the Auxiliary   Beirne, Norma and colleagues (Bill Long in back)   Bird, Eva   Blair, Joseph (Treasurer)   Blatt, Harold   Blatt, Harold   Blatt, Harold with Bill Ruckle   Bobrowski, Carol   Brauch, Manfred and Harold Howard   Brown, Nancy   Cappuzzi, Lina   Carbo, Heather   Carlson, Laura   Carusa, Elizabetta and Rosalie Cipriani   Churn, Gisele   Cortes, Luis   Costas, Rose   Dalton, Matthew   Degregoris, Charlotte with George Claghorn   Dick, David   DMin in Renewal staff   Dunkle, Lois   Ellis, Gina   Ellmore, Phil   Ellmore, Phil   Evans, Bill and John Byitte   Evans, Bill and Paul Almquist   Frame, Jeron   Frame, Randy   Furlong, Cathy   Gaskin, Theresa   George, Esther   George, Esther   George, Esther-3   George, Esther-4   George, Esther-5   George, Esther-6   George, Esther-7   George, Esther-lower left   Gilbert, Tom-1   Gilbert, Tom-2   Gilbert, Tom-3   Gilson, Rosemary   Glover Williams, Bernadette   Godbolte, Catherine   Godbolte, Catherine and Deotis Roberts   Green, Dennis   Hamilton, Bob   Hamilton, Bob   Hammond, Craig and his wife   Hays, Juanita   Hersh, David   Hoppe-Spink, Chris and Joan - Auxiliary members   Hughes, Cathy (Admissions Office)   Hutchison, Steve   Hutchison, Steve   Johnson, Kimberlee   Jordan, Damon   Keplinger, John (Treasurer)   Koch, David and Gil Englerth   Koch, David   Koch, David with Maring and Englerth and Veniga   Kumar, Moses   Lane, Lonnie with Rosemary Palimino   Lequire, Stan   Lugo, Robertoluis   Magness, Sheri   Mapson, Jesse and Charlene Gaspar   Mapson, Jesse   Mapson, Shirley and Jesse   Mariani   Marsango, Janice   Marsango, Meritt   Marsango, Meritt   Mary Evans, Peggy Koch, David Koch   Matthewson, Lorraine with Tim Ditra   Matthewson, Lorraine   Mattis, Rich   McFarland, Ruth and Michael Black   McFarland, Ruth   Miller, Naomi   Mitchell, Deborah   Myers, Sandra and Leah Fitchue   Ohlmann, Rodin, the Whittles, Kumar, Russell   Palimino, Miguel   Palimino, Rosemary and Miguel   Patton, Marcia (under the chandelier)   Patton, Marcia   Pettigrove, Bill   Pierre, Ketley-1991   Pierre, Ketley   Potts, Lori and Dave in Kazakhstan   Potts, Lori   Powell, Anita   Ridone, Gary (center)) with staff members   Rogerio, Robert   Ruckle, Bill   Ruckle, Bill   Russell, Beryl   Rutenber, Duron (at Orientation)   Schell, Pat   Scott, Ian   Seminary staff - 1994   Silverman, Sharyn   Smith, Ila   Smith, Kenneth   Speigel, Martha   Stilip, Vilma   Stilip, Vilma and Bill Long   Waller, Sandy and Lorraine Matthewson   White, Rick   Whittle, Doug (right) - Holy Land dig   Whittle, Doug and colleagues in Israel   Whittle, Doug   Whittle, Kathy   Wool, Peter   Wooters, Joan   Wooters, Joan   Zimmerman, Dennis