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Key for Interpreting the Bible

Rightly Said,Wrongly Read:
Introducing Volumes 1-5 below

Volume I: Song of Deborah

Volume 2: Clarifying Baffling Biblical Passages

Volume 3: Clarifying More Baffling Biblical Passages

Volume 4: Aramaic Names & Hebrew Matthew

Volume 5: Miscellaneous Biblical Studies

Other Writings & Publications 1951-2012

Classroom Notes & Handouts

Philological Resources for OT Studies

Castell's 1669 Semitic - Latin Lexicon

Lane's Arabic-English Lexicon

Jastrow's Hebrew-English Lexicon

Golius Persian-Latin Lexicon

OT Bibliographies

The Los Lunas, New Mexico, Decalogue

Seven Sermons

Palmer Seminary Archives

1977 Green Lake Missions Conference Bible Studies

Japan Baptist Union Archives

Curriculum Vita

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