Edmund Castell

Edmund Castell's
Lexicon Heptaglotton of 1669

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Engraving & Photograph Portrait of Edmund Castell    Short Biography of Edmund Castell
Lexicon Title Page     Photograph of the Lexicon as originally bound.
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Castell's Introduction FOLIO I :  Pages 1 - 48
Folio I   Entries:

) Aleph   Beth b    Gimel g    Daleth d    He h   
Waw w    Zayin z    Chet x    Tet +    Yod y    Kaf k

Folio II  Entries:

Lamed l    Mem m    Nun n    Samek s    Ayin (   
Pe p    Sade c    Qoph q    Resh r    Sin / Shin #    Taw t   

Appendix: Appendix - Additions
Golius & Castell Latin - Persian Lexicon

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