Edmund Castell's
Lexicon Heptaglotton of 1669

The pages in Castell's Lexicon measure 11" by 17.5". Consequently, the top and botton of each page were scanned separately. The overlap from the double scanning has been retained to asssure the reader that nothing was inadvertently lost. The rigidity of the spine of the folio volumes did not permit uniformity in the scanned images. Care was taken not to damage the volumes, so the quality of the images vary. Most are excellent.
Be patient when downloading these large PDF graphic files. Each file is about 1,200 KB. Castell's two folio volumes, composed of 4,080 columns, plus 48 introductory pages, consists all together of 1,615 files, totaling 2.2 gigabytes. Anyone interested in obtaining these files on a DVD disk can email me (tmcdebts1@comcast.net). Making this lexicon available is a labor of love, not a commercial adventure.