David & Goliath Egyptian Book of the Dead Japanese Declaration of War, 1941 Bernard Clairvaux Behistun Monument & Inscription




A. Old Testament Introduction
Course Notes. Textbook:
Bright's History of Israel

B. Charts for
Old Testament Introduction &
Biblical Hebrew

C. Dichotomies of the Old Testament:
War and Peace

D. Creation of Humans
a la Atra Hasis

E. Note on Creation & Evil

F. Note on the Enuma Elish

G. Synopsis of Babylonian Creation Story

H. Ecclesiasticus / Sirach Contents

I. Parallel to Potipar's Having a Wife

J. Deuteronomy Outline

K. Old Testament Texts
on Resurrection

L. Egyptian Book of the Dead
Origin of God

M. Isa 19:1-16 Anti-Egyptian; Isa 19:17-24 Pro-Egyptian

N. Identifying the Antecedents
in Daniel 10:21-11:36

O. Zech 2:8, "The Apple of the Eye"

P. Note on Zech 9:9

Q. Quran 9:111 and the Terror
Attacks of 9-11-1

R. O.T. Quotations in the N.T.

S. Jehovah - The Origin of the Name

T. Munster's Hebrew Matthew 1-7

U. Confusion of Hebrew and Aramaic

V. Notes on the Meaning of "Iscariot"

W. Poem by A. Knopf "The Ancient Way"

X. Chart on Universalism/Ethnocentrism

Y. Material Relevant to the Sarah and Hagar Story & the Abraham and Isaac Story

Z. What Really Happened after Moses Broke the Tablets?

1. Improved Translations pro-
posed byTom McDaniel

2. Arabic Cognates of the Hebrew
in Jer 31:21-22
(Click here for full Chapter

3. SHALLISH - "bodyguard"
not "thirty" (p. 326)
(page 327)

4. Notes on Gender & Sexuality Issues in Biblical Tradition

5. Syriac Text of Isa 38:9
"end of Isaiah": illustrating
different meanings of SH-L-M.

6. Cover of "Who Killed Goliath"
(The book is not about violence; the cover is very misleading.)

7. Chart: Identify Hebrew Verb Stems

8. Chart: Hebrew Prefixes

9. Chart: Hebrew Suffixed - 1

10. Chart: Hebrew Suffixed - 2

11. LU - Ugaritic Emphatic Lamed

12. Ugaritic 'ezer "savior"

13. 'AL - Ugaritic Emphatic
Aleph Lamed

14. The Strange Odyssey of the "Sons of Ham" (by W. M. Evans in AHR, Feb. 1980)

15. Biblical Universe (NAB)

16. Jewish Legends on the Curse of Ham

17. The Islamic Interpretation of
John 14:6-17

18. CBQ and JBL
Transliteration Chart

19. The etymology of
diakonia "deacon"

20. Darius the Mede
(Behistun Inscription)

21. Apocalyptic Chronology

22. Notes on Apocalyptic

23. Monk Beatus on Revelation & 666

24. Outline of Revelation

25. Gospel of Peter:
"My Power Has Forsaken Me"

26. Notes on the Feminine
in Bible and Tradition

27. Paul on Marriage, Men, Women

28. Funeral Texts

29. Link to Bernard of Clairvaux
(the "dove") as Hymn Writer

30. Bernard of Clairvaux
(the "hawk") on Christian Knighthood

31. Texts against Sacrifices

32. Japanese Imperial Rescript
12-8-1941 (HTML)

33. Japanese Imperial Rescript
12-8-1941 (English Text)

34. Japanese Imperial Rescript
12-8-1941 (PDF)

35. Audio: King Tut's Trumpet
and the ram's horn music

36. Syriac & Arabic Cognates Cited
(Partial List)

37. Note on "Killing the Prophets"

38. Meditation on the Lord's Prayer
38a. McDaniel's Notes on Matthew 6:13

39. Psalms Class

40. Luke 16 Unjust Steward Articles

41. Pre-Christian Hope for the
Resurrection of a Messiah

42. James Ossuary    It is a fake.   It is not a fake.    It is a fake for sure.

43. Grant Ward's Ph.D. Dissertation
on the Psalms of Solomon

44. Ted Lorah's Article on the GML "anchor rope" in Matt 19:24 and Mark 10:25 (PDF). Click HERE for the translations of GML in the Quran 7:32 and the root GML in the lexicons of Castell (1669) and Lane (1865).

45. Job 38:14, Humans Gifted with Speech

46. Why the Incarnation?

47. A. S. Lewis' The Old Syriac Gospels

48. Distorting Historical Reality for Religious Reasons

49. Classroom NOTES_Isaiah_64-5.pdf

50. Galilean Hebrew Dialect