Thomas F. McDaniel, Ph.D.

"Chi ni wa Heiwa / Peace on Earth"

Sermon Preached in Japanese on April 29, 1969,

at the Oppama Dendosho,

Oppama, Japan.

In April 1969 there was much political turmoil

on university campuses all over Japan with the intent

of controlling the outcome of the renegotiation of the

peace treaty with the United States in 1970.

Kanto Gakuin University campus was barricaded

by students claiming

ai wa kakumei de aru !

"love is revolution!"

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Photographs taken at Kanto Gakuin University, Yokohama, in 1969

when the campus was in turmoil with zengakuren political protests


1969 dormitory fire - suspected of being arson

destroyed two dormitories

Administration Building barricaded by students in their "ramen" revolution

students reigning from the roofs with rocks, molotov cocktails, and staves

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