Maulmain, Dec. l9th. 1840

Dear Mr. Bennett,

I received yours of the 21st. Feb.

& was glad to hear that you have safely arrived

& with better health. I have also lately seen your

long letter to Mrs. Vinton. | am rejoiced to hear

that Elsina and Mary are devoting themselves

to the blessed Saviour - I hope that all your

children and mine & all the children of the mission

will follow. This is my daily and constant prayer.

My health is better than it has been for two years

past. The cough has nearly left me, but a certain

soreness remains; I cannot exert my lungs as formerly,

& my voice is said by others to be weak & unnatural.

But t am able to preach on Lords Days & sometimes

conduct morning worship as usual.

The Bible is at last out of press, & we are now

dispatching a few things that have been in hand

some time; & then, at the close of this year,

according to a note of the brethren, in conformity

with instructions from the Board, our printing

operations will be . . . . . and the printing

office shut up. In view of this and other things

I have not yet looked on the translation of the

Child's Book on Repentance. I presume it is done

well; but when it will be printed I know not.

I rejoice to hear of the revivals of religion in

America and the Sandwich Islands. O that the influence

of the Spirit might reach us in this land. I feel the

great need in my own soul.

To you & Mrs. Bennett - . . . all - Mrs. J joins -

she has received yours of May 7th . . . .I forgot above,

Yours affectionately

A. Judson