Rangoon, June 1st. 1821

My dear little Elsina,

You have not forgot Uncle Judson,

have you! I have not forgot you, little Elsina. I

remember you & write you this letter. Your Mamma

will read to you. I think you will understand it.

I suppose you are rather bigger now, than

when I was at Maulmain; but I should know you again. I am

glad to hear that you behave better at family worship,

& don't run about & make so much noise as you used to do.

I hope you will be a good girl & always mind what your

Mamma and Papa say. And when your Mamma prays with you

alone you must listen and pray with your little mouth &

heart too. For the Lord Jesus Christ loves to see little

children pray; & he will love you & give you a new heart,

if you ask him for it. But if you do not pray & love

the Lord Jesus, you must go to hell when you die, &

burn in hell-fire; & we shall never see Elsina any more.

We shall look around in heaven for her; but she will not

be there. I will write a few lines for you to learn

& say in prayer:-

Dear Jesus, hear me when I pray.

And take this naughty heart away;

My sins forgive, &

A lovely child by loving thee.

I suppose that little Sister Mary can ao alone

this time. You love her, don't you? Well, _

another verse for you to say sometimes beside her bed,

when she goes to sleep. Put your little hands together

and say thus:

Look down on Sister Mary dear,

Sweet may she sleep, while thou art near;

Preserve her life to know thy love,

And dwell at last in heaven above.

If you want to say any thing to Uncle Judson, your

Mamma will write down a few short words, just as you speak

them; & you can take the pen & make a mark at the bottom;

& I shall know it is a letter from Elsina

Your affectionate uncle


Miss Elsina Stella Bennett