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BDB 336 Mnx “gratis, for nothing”

BDB 337 Nnx “to be loathsome”
BDB 614 lbn “skin bottle, harp, foolish”

BDB 615 lbn “sink, wither, die”

BDB 615 lbn “carcass, corpse”

Jastrow 729 Ngm “gratis, for nothing”

Jastrow 748 )rwm “fear, reverence”

Jastrow 749 )rwm “fool”

Jastrow 749 hrwm “fool, rebel, authority”

Jastrow 869 lbn “fade, shrivel, decay”

Jastrow 870 hlbn “carcass”

Lane 652 y/ (channa) “he yearned for, he desire”

Lane 818 ىx7 (khanaya) “he spoke obscenely”

Lane 819 "x7 / ىx7 (khann /khannay ) “obscene speech”

Lane 1131 ixg@ (raqiq) “weak, abject, mean, paltry”

 Lane 1131 ixg@ (raqiq) “a slave”

 Lane 1141 mák@ (rakik) “low, ignoble, vile, mean”

Lane 1190 jé@ /jÖ@ (racq /rawq) “exceed in excelllence

Lane 1191 jÖ@ (rawq) “pure, sincere love”

Lane 1192 ÇgÖ@ (rawqat) “beauty, choice, excellent”

Lane 1192 iªé@ (ra'iq) “exceeding, surpassing”

Lane 1203 jé@ /iÜ@ (racqa/rayq) “it poured out,

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