Edward William Lane

Edward William Lane's
Arabic-English Lexicon
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The copyright for the Adobe PDF edition of Lane's Arabic-English Lexicon is held by the Study Quran.org and the Quran Institute, which have made the lexicon PDF files available for free (in 3,150 small PDF files of individual pages or eight very large PDF files -- one for each of Lane's eight volumes). The files using this link are the small files for individual pages.

The 40 HTML files used here for the LaneLexicon.htm menus were prepared by Dr. Thomas F. McDaniel, Professor Emeritus,
Palmer Theological Seminary , which is the Seminary of Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania.

Three different Arabic fonts have been used in creating the menus in order to circumvent the conflicts with the characrter keys [ { }< > ; ^ / ] used in the HTML coding as well as having various letter assignments in different Arabic fonts.


Noted in each menu of the Arabic lexemes (ALIF to YA) is a reminder to copy and install on your ccomputer the Arabic.ttf,  Farsi.ttf,  and Karbala.ttf  fonts so that the Arabic words in all of the menus appear correctly. It is recommended that you copy and install these four fonts NOW.

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Brief biographical sketches about Edward Willian Lane:

Lane's Lexicon is also available online at Tyndale House by clicking HERE