FOR JOHN 11:33 AND 11:38

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Lane 1178a 2éÖ@ (rawâch) “experiencing relief from grief”

Lane 1178b 2éÖ@ (rawâch) “promptiness to be beneficient”

Lane 1178c 2"Ü@é ('aryâcha) “to be active, prompt, quick”

Lane 1182b 2éÖ@ (rawwâch) “active, prompt, quick”

Lane 1183a î0Ü@é ('aryachî ) “promptness in acts of beneficence”

Lane 1183b 1ªÜ@ (rîch) “cheerfulness, promptiness ”

Lane 1232b is v\B (za`ama) “he asserted”

Lane 1233b is v\B (za`am) “assertion, responsibility”

Lane 1233c vá\B (za`îm) “responsibility”

Lane 1233b is ;` (ghad) “anger”

Lane 1233c ;` (ghad) “angry man”

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