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Lane 264 ;[ª# (bacada) “he perished”

 Lane 335b É?+ /£?+ (thara' / thariya) "many”

 Lane 335c £?+ ( thariy)) "many"

Lane 679 £ª/ (h.ayy) “he was alive”

Lane 680 £ª/ (h.ayy) “he was alive”

Lane 681 £ª/ (h.ayy) “he was alive”

Lane 686 )P"/ (h.â “she menustrated”

Lane 687 )P"/ (h.â “she menstruated”

Lane 827 £Ñ7 (awiya) “to empty the belly at childbirth”

 Lane 1171 v|@ (rahama) "it drizzled"

Lane 1203 vÜ@ (raym) "to depart"

 Lane1204 vÜ@ (raym) "excess, superiority"

Lane 1319 i0D (sah.aqa) he was estranged, accursed"

Lane 1319a i0D (sah.aqa) he was estranged, accursed"

Lane 1771 m0P (d.ah.aka) "to laugh"

Lane 1771 m0P (d.ah.aka) "to menstruate"

Lane 2953 <"[ás (mî`âd) "a time or place of promise"  

 Castell 3537 Mhr (raham) = v"|@ (rah'm) "numerous copiosus"

Jastrow 1274 qxc "to laugh"

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